The Art and Romance of Metal

Metal is intelligent and beautiful
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a community for those who appreciate the more complex, beautiful side to the Metal genre of music.
artmetalromance is for the more intelligent and artistic side of metal, metal pertaining to a darker and/or romantic mood. Good examples would be Dark Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Gothic Metal, etc. This is music with a movement toward passion.

There aren't many requirements for joining this community. Just participate and love metal. Please don't start wars or insult fights here! We also ask that you also watch the community as well and please promote if you can!

Benefits of Joining:

Recognize, discuss, and enjoy the beauty in metal
Find others with similar taste
Promote your band
Discover and discuss new metal artists
Share Dj Playlists and/or flyers to upcoming events.

Metal is intelligent and beautiful.
If you recognize that fact, join this community ~